Unique and fun online escape rooms

Virtual Escape offers online escape rooms that provide the same fun, thrill and excitement as real escape rooms.

An interactive experience
A real host joins your team on WhatsApp and provides you with the story, the challenges and some hints.

Teamwork required
Use a video call, or real-life communication, and work together as a team.

Get creative
Use audio/video, social media, Google or what you think is best to solve a variety of challenges.

At a glance

  • Played completely online, no need to leave the house
  • A real host will join your team and guide you through the game
  • Work together in teams of 2-6 with friends, family or colleagues
  • Perfect as a team building activity, played with multiple teams

Looking for some fun team building?

See how well your team works together. Or make it a little competition between teams.

Our online escape rooms are a perfect team building activity.
Download our new team building brochure here.

Online escape room

Work together, solve challenges and "escape" before the time runs out

Play from anywhere

Play with mates at home or with family abroad, it doesn't matter where in the world your team is

Whenever suits you

Use our booking tool to find a day and time that suits you

60 Minutes game time

The clock is ticking, does your team have what it takes?

Age 14+ recommended

Our regular games are best played by anyone over 18. For the younger ones, we offer our Jr version.

Team size 2-6

Play a casual game or contact us for a team building event with multiple teams

Our Experiences

Time's Ticking

Difficulty: Moderate
Game Time: 60 mins

A bomb is about to go off. You and your friends are the only ones who can save the city!

Hack the terrorist's website, navigate with Google Maps, use audio/video, and more.

  • Already played by 1000+ people
  • Requires teamwork and creativity
  • Similar challenges and excitement as a real escape room

Only $45 per team

Ben's Big Heist

Difficulty: Hard
Game Time: 60 mins

Ever wanted to rob a bank? Now's your chance! You've got 60 minutes to steal as much loot as you can.

Bypass security, crack vaults, fill the loot bags and safely escape.

  • Solve a variety of challenges
  • Each vault will become harder to crack
  • Fully interactive; communicate with the bank robber via WhatsApp

Only $45 per team

The Hangover

Difficulty: Moderate
Game Time: 60 mins

Ouch, the headache! What happened last night!? Help Jack figure out what went on the night before.

Check the hotel room, visit the casino and catch the flight before it departs.

  • Work together as a team to figure out what happened
  • Moderate difficulty, with a variety of challenges to solve
  • Communicate with Jack via WhatsApp

Currently in development

Time's Ticking Jr

Difficulty: Easy
Game Time: 60 mins

The classic game Time's Ticking is now available for teenagers!

But don't understimate it, you will still need to solve a variety of challenges. Fun for the whole family.

  • Suitable for anyone aged 14 and up
  • Slightly easier, but still challenging and fun
  • We recommend an adult to join and play

Only $45 per team

Team Building

Difficulty: Any
Game Time: 60 mins

Looking for something fun and different to do with your colleagues?

Try one of our Virtual Escape experiences as your next team building activity!

  • Suitable for 1 to many teams
  • Make it competitive and play with multiple teams at the same time
  • We'll find a day and time that suits you

Contact us to find out more

City Discovery

Difficulty: Moderate
Game Time: 3 hours

A self-guided outdoor "escape room", played in Melbourne CBD.

Your team follows in the footsteps of a detective and needs to discover the city to solve a crime case.

  • A paper based game, play whenever suits you
  • 2-3 Hours of discovering, challenges and fun
  • Learn about Melbourne and its iconic places

Available after the lockdown

As Featured At


Time's Ticking

# Team Time
Hugh Jazz30:01
Escape Pals33:18
Brexit Strategy34:13
Max Majors35:34
Henry Triv36:12

Ben's Big Heist

# Team Loot
Hugh Jazz$5,481,000
Pamments & Pals$4,145,000
Fawlty Twr$3,759,000
Pablo's 11$3,645,000

Think your team has what it takes? Or just want to have some fun?


Form a team, get ready and play the game

1 Form a team and book your session
Form a team and pick a date/time that suits everyone.
Then simply book your 60 minute session through our website.

Large group? Contact us and we'll make it work!
After making a booking, you'll receive instructions on getting the WhatsApp group set up.
You can add all your team members to the group. Our host will send instructions to the group before your session starts.

Be sure to set up a video call before the session starts with just your team members to collaborate. You can use any video tool of choice.
The host won't join the call, but will be communicating via WhatsApp.
On the time of booking, our host will start the time and send you information and challenges via WhatsApp.
This includes text, audio, images and lots more...

It's best to use a laptop to help you find answers. You can use Google or any other website.
And be sure to collaborate with your team mates. Think you've found the answer? Respond back to our host in the WhatsApp group.

It's all about teamwork and fun

To play Virtual Escape, you'll need the following:

  • Laptop
  • Video call with your team mates, e.g. PubHub
  • WhatsApp on your phone
  • WhatsApp web (optional)
  • 1
    Make a booking through our website on a day/time that works for all team members
  • 2
    Wait for a confirmation email and follow the instructions to join the WhatsApp group
  • 3
    On the day/time of booking, our host will send you the instructions, challenges and hints in the WhatsApp group
  • 4
    Once the time starts, use Google or any other website or tool to solve the challenges, and post the result back into the group

What People Say

Here's some feedback from teams that have played Virtual Escape.

We did it!
Loved ittt!
Really felt the time pressure
Team Grant has left the group
Yay, we saved the city!
Whoop! Whoop!
Team Manna
Loved the instructions to find the house, so cool!
't was fun, all in all. Thanks!
Amazing you can play it with friends on the other side of the world.
Team Herman
Really cool stuff
How many minutes left!?
When is the next game coming? Sign me up
Team Who's The Chef

Get In Touch

If you have any questions, simply use the WhatsApp button below or fill in the form and we'll be in touch. Promised!

Only $45 per team, click here to book your session.

Answers To The Most Asked Questions

All players should be in the same WhatsApp group and at least one person should have access to Facebook.
We also recommend that your team has a video call set up and that you use a laptop for challenge solving.

After booking your session, you'll receive instructions on getting everyone in one WhatsApp group.
On the day/time of booking, the host will explain the game and send you messages in your WhatsApp group.

Read the messages, solve the challenges and respond back into the WhatsApp Group to inform the host of the answer.

The host will inform you if it's correct and will also provide you with hints when required.

Absolutely, you won't get far without your Googling skills.

Get creative, as challenges require you to use social media, audio/video, Google Maps and much more!

We won't stop you from playing alone or with more friends, but it's probably less fun.

In case you've got more than 6 people, we'd recommend booking multiple sessions. You can also make it a bit of a competition.

Yes, it totally is.

Our games really focus on teamwork, so they are perfect for team building.
We can also run multiple teams at the same time, just contact us for more information.

As with real escape rooms, once the clock stops ticking it's game over.

We're pretty flexible in times. Use our booking tool to select a time that suits you.

Our online escape rooms are fun for anyone, it doesn't matter if you've played 0 or a 100 escape rooms before.

We're always open to new business opportunities. Email us and we'll be in touch!

We're delighted to hear about your ideas and feedback. Email us and we'll be in touch!