Virtual Escape (referred to here as "Virtual Esacpe”, “our”, “us”, “we”) and the Virtual Escape logo are copyright of City Discovery (ABN 52696084721). We provide online escape room experiences with the aim of providing amusement. All dealings with us will be on these terms & conditions (Terms) unless otherwise agreed in writing by us. We reserve the right to make changes at any time. By purchasing and playing Virtual Escape games it is deemed that you understand and accept the Terms outlined on this page.
Please make sure you notify all participants of this Virtual Escape game of these Terms.


Virtual Escape games are played completely online, by using the WhatsApp application. At the start of the session, an operator (also known as lead detective), will have to be added to the group to be able to play.
It is important to understand that because this game is played online, there may be situations where technology might not work as expected. Where possible, we will be trying to help resolve any issues occurring, however participants technology is not within our control.
It is also advised that all participants have up-to-date anti-virus and malware protection installed on their device. Virtual Escape will take all effort to ensure content is safe to visit, however is not liable for any negative effects from playing Virtual Escape and the content opened.

Hardware & Software requirements

To play Virtual Escape games, each participant will need to have access to a mobile phone with internet access and the following capabilities:

  • WhatsApp and a group created with all participants
  • PDF viewer to allow opening PDF files
  • Facebook access
  • Up-to-date anti-virus software
  • (optional) WhatsApp web, to multi-task easier
  • (optional) Multiple devices, to multi-task easier
  • (optional) Video conferencing, to communicate with other team members


Bookings via our website are handled by a third-party ( After making a booking, you will be contacted confirming the booking and receiving instructions.
Make sure you check your junk folder for the booking confirmation email.

Terms and conditions of can be found here.


All payments are processed by an external party ( In case of any payment issues or disputes, contact

Refund Policy

Virtual Esacpe bookings will not be subject to refunds, unless with written permission from Virtual Escape.
In case you made a booking and the date/time needs to be changed, the booking can be rescheduled only once.
In case your facing any technology issues, Virtual Escape will try to help resolve the issue. At its discretion, it may postpone the booking, pause the time remaining or decide to progress with the game. No refund will be given.

Force Majeure

Force majeure includes all unexpected events and problems, which reasonably are not to be expected and could not have been prevented. This includes, but is not limited to, third-party negligence, website outages, strikes, etc. Virtual Escape cannot be held accountable in these circumstances and does not provide a refund.


All prices listed on our website are subject to change at any time. This includes sales, discounts and promotions.


By participating in a Virtual Escape game, you agree that neither Virtual Escape nor any person associated with us will be liable to you or any other participant for any direct or indirect damages that arise in any way. You agree to communicate this exclusion of liability to any person that you invite to play a Virtual Escape game.
Virtual Escape is not responsible for any loss, damage, injury, trauma or other effects caused directly or indirectly from playing the game to the participants, their property or any third-party. At all times make sure you follow the instructions.
Any illegal, unlawful or wrongful conduct while playing the game should not be committed.


You acknowledge that you will not publish, photograph, make copies or otherwise expose the game content and answers. This includes both by word of mouth, on paper and online.

IP and Copyright

Virtual Escape is the sole owner of all game contents and owns the Intellectual Property rights. It is strictly forbidden to copy, distribute or resell any of the content.
This includes but is not limited to: design, fonts, text, graphics, logos, icons, images, sounds, videos, data compilations, website layout, underlying code and software.

Your Obligations

When booking and playing games offered by Virtual Escape you acknowledge that:

  • you ensure the whole team is available at the booked date/time
  • provide the operator with access to the WhatsApp group
  • you refrain from indecent behaviour in the WhatsApp group (cursing, sending inappropriate pictures, etc.)

Under The Age of 16

Virtual Escape recommends a minimum age of 16 to play any of the offered games. However, minors accompanied by adults are able to participate as well, under the full responsibility of the adult.

Breach of Terms

In case you breach the Terms listed on this page, Virtual Escape reserves the right to cancel your booking and/or stop a game in progress without a refund.


In case you have any questions or concerns about the Terms listed on this page, contact us via email.